Ministers, Celebrities, and Diplomats Attend FJP Inauguration Gala

Ministers, Celebrities, and Diplomats Attend FJP Inauguration Gala

Over 30 years, the former regime banned and arrested members of the Muslim Brotherhood linking them to a host of fabricated charges. Now that the Mubarak regime is gone, the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) has been established and is welcomed by all members of society, including ordinary people, diplomats, businessmen, celebrities, and politicians who gathered at the Grand Hyatt Hotel wishing the party good luck in its political journey. 

Most ironically, the Interior Ministry, which was until few months ago and for decades leading the massive and powerfull security forces against political activists and Muslim Brotherhood members, was represented in the gala by its top man, General Mansour el Essawy, whose attendance sent reassuring signlas that Egypt is determined on ushering new era in its history.

Ambassador Ibrahim Yousry along with other distinguished guests congratulated the party on its establishment, and hoped the FJP would help steer Egypt towards democracy and progress.

Other speakers included Chinese Ambassador Chi Ly Kha who stated that it is essential that the FJP participate in the political arena if freedom and peace are to stand a chance in the country. He described the party’s members as being politically cultured and active.

Spanish Ambassador Thomas Lupus also welcomed the party’s efforts describing its formation as a positive outcome of the January 25 Revolution.

Representatives from the transitional government included Deputy PM Dr. Ali el Selmy and Interior Minister Mansour el Essawy who also praised the party stating that the FJP will do much for Egypt as it is genuinely concerned about Egypt and its citizens’ well-being away from personal interests.

Other guests included, George Isaac from Human Rights, Emad Abu Ghazy Culture Minister, musician Ammar el Shere’y, and Amr Al-Shobky an expert at Al Ahram Centre for Political and Strategic Studies.