Ministers answer to neglect in Parliament

Ministers answer to neglect in Parliament

 Next Monday the Parliament will hold a trial for the government through the discussion of 9 interrogations which accuses the government of failing in facing the environmental and industrial pollution.



These interrogations are submitted by each of:


Mohamed Abdel Aleem


Gamal Qurani


Gamal Zahran


Ahmed Abu Baraka


Abbas Abdel Aziz


Akram El-Shaer


Saad Aboud


Ibrahim Abu Auf


Ibrahim Al-Gafari



The parliamentary session which starts next Sunday will set dates for the topics of discussion by the MB MP’s including the interrogation by MP Ibrahim Al-Gaafari on the breach and violation of the Law and Constitution by the Minister of Finance.The MP will question the contracting with private sector and foreign companies and the establishment of many governmental projects which threatens social stability by paving the way to state...


MP Akram Al-Shaer will also interrogate the lack of health care for Egyptian citizens and meager health service performance. MP Abdel Aziz Khalaf’s interrogation is on the collapse of health systems in Egypt. MP Ahmed Abu Baraka’s interrogation is on the violation of the rules of law and Constitution by the imposition of administrative boards on trade unions against their will. Ibrahim Abu Auf’s interrogation is on deteriorating condition of health and environment in Menia governorate, while MP Gamal Qurani’s interrogation is on the deteriorating health condition in Egypt and spread of hepatitiskidney failure and cancer diseases.


The parliament will start discussing the amendments of the law on the protection of Monuments and three draft law proposals submitted by MPs Mohsen Rady, Hesham Mostafa and Ibtesam Habib.