Ministry of prisoners asks Arab govts to demand release of their prisoners

Ministry of prisoners asks Arab govts to demand release of their prisoners

The ministry of prisoners” affairs in the PA caretaker government on Tuesday asked the Arab governments to intensify efforts to secure the release of Arab prisoners in Israeli occupation jails especially those who spent tens of years in captivity.

The ministry in a report on the occasion of the Arab prisoner”s day said that the Arab countries must act even if they severed relations with Israel, for those who have relations with the Hebrew state, or at least to threaten to sever those relations.

It noted that 56 prisoners from various Arab countries are still languishing in Israeli jails under harsh incarceration conditions despite the peace agreements signed between each of Egypt and Jordan with Israel.

Israel does not accord those prisoners any special treatment but rather they are accorded the same amount of repression and harassment accorded to their Palestinian colleagues, the ministry said.

It noted that Israel was exploiting those prisoners as a political pressure card against their countries, and said that those prisoners” most dire suffering is from their countries” disregard of their issue especially those who signed peace accords with the Hebrew state.

The Arab prisoners are deprived of family visits or even telephone contact, the ministry said, and pointed out that Palestinian families have taken the initiative of adopting those prisoners, visiting them every now and then and offering them clothes and other needs.