Minute-By-Minute Run-off Elections

Minute-By-Minute Run-off Elections 
– Oh Sallab! We are following you from door to door (video)
One of our correspondents has provided us with this attached video that shows vehicles transporting electors in the   constituency to vote in more than one polling station.

–  Al-Munufeya-Cairo: to and from (photo report) 

– Watch the hostile actions of the NDP thugs against voters (Video). The NDP thugs have assaulted one voter in the pooling station of Refa’a Al-Tahtawy school. The injured is shown while bleeding.

–  Watch auction of vote-buying for NDP candidates. (video). The video shows a number of women buying their votes for 50 pounds each.

– Voters from all governorates of Egypt cast their ballots in Nasr City constituency. (photo file).

-Our correspondent at Qawmeyat Al-Ahram school has informed us that three mini buses from Al-Daqahleyah and Al-Gharbeya governorates were delivering electors from outside the constituency to vote for the NDP candidates in an outrageous breach of law.

-In Nasr City standard school, chairman of “Petrogas” petroleum company was seen in the polling station inside the school. He wanted to make sure that the company employees were voting for the NDP candidate so as to reward them. 

-The NDP candidate in the polling station of the Workers University was seen distributing money for vote-buying.

-In continuation of the collective transporting, caravans of buses were watched in the front of the Railway Club polling station carrying voters from outside Cairo to vote for the NDP candidate. These are the buses number plates: Bani Suwaif 17 tourist class, Munufeya 535 and public bus 3408.

-A number of employees in some companies registered the names of all the employees on the commandment of the companies’ chairmen. If any employee voted for the Muslim Brotherhood candidate, he would be punished.