Mishaal: Bush is fully responsible for the Israeli massacre in Gaza

Mishaal: Bush is fully responsible for the Israeli massacre in Gaza

Khaled Mishaal, the head of Hamas political bureau, on Wednesday held the American administration fully responsible for the massacre committed by Israel in Gaza which claimed the lives of 19 Palestinians and wounded many others.

“What”s happening is a practical translation of Bush”s positions in Annapolis… The political decision was in Annapolis and the funding for the Zionist crime was in Paris,” Mishaal stated during a press conference held in Damascus.

The Hamas political leader explained that the seven billion and four hundred million dollars earmarked during the Paris meeting was for the Israeli occupation and not for the Palestinian people because this money is allocated for the implementation of the roadmap plan, for the killing of Palestinian people and for Israel”s security.

He called on the PA leadership to stop immediately its negotiations and security coordination with the Israeli occupation and initiate immediate national dialogue in response to the Israeli massacre, and also called on the Arab and Islamic countries to respond by breaking the siege on the Palestinian people.

The Hamas leader stated that the Israeli massacre in Gaza comes in the context of Olmert”s attempts to maintain his coalition government and pre-empt the Vinograd report regarding his defeat in Lebanon; whereas, Israeli war minister Ehud Barak wants to present himself as a future premier of the Israeli government through such massacres.

Mishaal added that they want also through these massacres to find a solution to “the Gaza complex” as if the alleged path to peace is paved with flowers and there is only one obstacle represented in Gaza.

The Hamas leader strongly rejected the arguments and pretexts cited by the Israeli government and its allies to justify the aggressions on Gaza as a response to the homemade rockets fired from the Strip, saying: “Gaza rockets are a natural reaction to the Zionist terrorism.”

With regard to the position of the PA leadership towards what happened, Mishaal opined that it is not enough to condemn the Israeli crime or to declare a day of mourning, but the PA must respond by stopping its frivolous negotiations and working for the return of the Palestinian national unity, underlining that the negotiations with Israel do not only deplete national dignity, but also represent a waste of time and dignity of the PA negotiators themselves.

The Hamas leader called for unconditional national dialogue, expressing his dismay at the PA leadership”s persistence on imposing preconditions on its people in exchange for complying with the national dialogue, while it does not impose any conditions in its negotiations with the Israeli occupation which continues its aggressions against the Palestinian people, describing this PA behavior as a painful paradox.