Mishaal: Faisal understood Hamas position towards the reconciliation paper

Mishaal: Faisal understood Hamas position towards the reconciliation paper

Khaled Mishaal, the head of Hamas’s political bureau, stated Monday that Saudi foreign minister Saud Al-Faisal understood the position of his Movement towards the signing of the Egyptian reconciliation paper, pointing out that Saudi Arabia is working on creating better conditions for the achievement of inter-Palestinian reconciliation.

According to the Saudi Watan newspaper, Mishaal said, in a news conference held in the headquarters of the organization of Islamic conference in Riyadh, that he discussed with Faisal all issues in the Palestinian arena especially the issue of reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah and the issue of settlement expansion.

The Hamas political leader expressed his willingness to meet with Mahmoud Abbas anytime and anywhere to bridge the gap between the Palestinian rivals.

As for the steel wall being built on the Palestinian-Egyptian borders, he expressed hope that Egypt would backtrack on its decision to build the wall, stressing that the only threat to Egypt’s security is Israel.

For his part, Osama Hamdan, the representative of Hamas in Lebanon, said Monday that the building of the steel wall on the Palestinian-Egyptian borders is part of the blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip.

In a press statement to Palestine Times newspaper, Hamdan underlined that the Palestinian people cannot be supported through only slogans and statements, but through a practical mechanism.

“We must not construe things as if we are in war with our brothers in Egypt. They are our brothers any way and this issue needs dialog and understanding. We hope that Egypt stops building this wall,” the Hamas official stressed.