Mishaal: Israel trying to open channel of communication with Hamas

Mishaal: Israel trying to open channel of communication with Hamas

Khaled Mishaal, the head of the Hamas political bureau, revealed Tuesday that the Israeli occupation is attempting to open channels of communication with the Movement, but it was always met with rejection, categorically denying PA chief Mahmoud Abbas”s allegation that Hamas has such channels with Israel.

“Israel is trying to convey through different parties its desire to open channels of communication with Hamas, but we always reject it because we cannot fall into that trap. The Zionist entity is notorious for its attempts to pollute and exhaust everyone and to play on the time factor, and we do not accept that”, Mishaal explained in an interview with the Italian AKI news agency.

The Hamas leader underlined that Israel knows what is required from it and knows that it has to end its illegal occupation and to recognize the Palestinian rights.

Regarding the Movement”s relations with the Europeans, the Hamas leader stated that these relations are growing, but the American veto and pressures on the Europeans prevent these relations from becoming more open.

The Hamas leader added that the Europeans feel powerless towards Israel because they see that they cannot impose stands on the Israeli occupation which does not accept the European role; besides, they cannot face US”s stand which insists on certain policies in the region.

Commenting on the statements of Italian foreign minister Massimo D”Alema, the Hamas leader hailed these statements, but he said that these statements must be translated into action, urging Europe to act as a political and economic entity that could have an independent role away from the American hegemony.

D”Alema recently called for involving Hamas in the peace negotiations between the PA and Israel, saying: “If we want to reach peace, those who represent a large segment of the Palestinian people must be involved in the negotiations.”