Mishaal: The mass entry of Gazans into Egypt a popular decision

Mishaal: The mass entry of Gazans into Egypt a popular decision

Khaled Mishaal, the head of the Hamas political bureau, stated in the opening meeting of the “Palestinian national conference” on Wednesday in Damascus that the mass entry of thousands of Palestinians into the Egyptian territories through the Rafah crossing was not a factional but a popular decision.

Mishaal stressed the need for holding more popular activities and events until the siege ends, calling on the Arab and Islamic peoples to continue their popular outrage in the face of the Zio-American siege.

The Hamas political leader called for agreeing on a new strategy based on five elements including resolving the controversy that the liberation comes first before the state and the land before the authority and to give priority to the resistance as the basis of this strategy.

The Hamas leader confirmed that the Arabs are capable of breaking the siege imposed on the Gaza people, recalling that Egypt is not bound by the agreement made in Europe on the Rafah crossing because it did not participate in that meeting. 

The Hamas leader pointed out that an Arab ministerial meeting would be held on 27th of January in Cairo, urging the Arab leaders to table a concise draft resolution through their foreign ministers calling for lifting the siege on Gaza.

The Hamas leader also called on the Arab leaders to stand alongside Egypt, since it has borders with Gaza, to encourage it to open the Rafah crossing and to support it in the face of the Zio-American pressures in order to get the siege lifted.

The Hamas leader strongly rejected the allegations saying that the resistance rockets fired from the Gaza Strip are the reason behind the suffocating siege, stating: “The siege was before and after the firing of rockets; We stopped firing rockets many times, but the siege has not come to end; we ceased the resistance tactically for several months and times, but the aggression and occupation continued and our brave prisoners were not released from the Israeli jails.”

In response to what was stated by the PA about its readiness to run Gaza crossings, the Hamas leader said that the Palestinian government headed by premier Ismail Haneyya are willing to discuss this issue with the PA leadership in Ramallah and with Egypt to agree on how to manage these crossings, underlining that Hamas wants to control nothing, but it seeks freedom and relief for the Palestinian people.

The opening meeting of the Palestinian national conference was attended by the leaders of majority of the Palestinian factions and Palestinian notables in the diaspora, in addition to official and semi-official representatives of many countries and a pack of Arab and Islamic journalists and intellectuals.

For his part, Dr. Talal Naji, the head of the preparatory committee for the conference stated that the conference aims to address the threats to the Palestinian national cause represented in the Zio-American conspiracy and the Israeli ongoing aggression against the Palestinian people as well as to warn against the schemes to be implemented in the coming period and to put all the Palestinian parties concerned and the Arab regimes before their historic responsibilities.

Dr. Naji added that the conference aims also to confirm the Palestinian people”s adherence to their inalienable national rights including the Palestinian refugees” right of return and the Palestinian people”s right to establish an independent state with Jerusalem as its capital.

The conference called on the Arab countries not to succumb to the pressures and dictates of the American administration which call for normalizing relations with Israel, and to resist the Zio-American project aimed at imposing hegemony on the region.

The speeches delivered in the conference were unanimous on the need to work on restoring the Palestinian national unity and to uphold the inalienable national rights of the Palestinian people, including the adherence to the option of resistance as a strategic choice to restore the usurped rights.