Mishaal: The swap deal is obstructed by Israel’s intransigence

Mishaal: The swap deal is obstructed by Israel’s intransigence

 SANA’A,  — Khaled Mishaal, the head of Hamas political bureau, stated Tuesday that the prisoner swap deal is facing obstacles because of Israel’s intransigence, stressing that his Movement would not renounce its demands to release Palestinian prisoners.

During a press conference held in Sana’a, Mishaal reiterated Hamas’s keenness on achieving national reconciliation to strengthen the internal front in the face of the Israeli occupation.

Regarding his visit to Yemen, the Hamas political leader said that Hamas is always keen on being in touch with the political leadership in Yemen represented in president Ali Abdullah Saleh in order to discuss Arab and Palestinian issues.

He added that his visit to Sana’a was aimed to brief president Saleh on the latest developments in the Palestinian arena in light of the policy of aggression pursued by Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu against the Palestinian people.

In his reply to a question whether he carried a message from Tehran to the Yemeni leadership, the Hamas leader said that Hamas is not a mediator and will not interfere in the internal affairs of Yemen.

The Hamas leader also expressed his belief that Yemen would continue to be strong, stable and united and would remain known for its historical and present position in support of the Palestinian cause.

Earlier, president Saleh reiterated, during his meeting with Mishaal, Yemen’s support of the Palestinian people and their right to establish their own state on their national soil with Jerusalem as its capital.

The president stressed the need to achieve inter-Palestinian reconciliation in order to serve the Palestinian cause and block any attempt to divide the Palestinian people.

For his part, member of Hamas political bureau Ezzat Al-Resheq stated that the visit of Mishaal to Sana’a comes in the context of a tour of a number of Arab countries to brief their leaders on the political and humanitarian situation in the Palestinian arena.