Mishaal: We’ll build national authority for the Palestinians at home and abroad

Mishaal: We’ll build national authority for the Palestinians at home and abroad

Khaled Mishaal, the head of the Hamas political bureau, stated Wednesday in Qatar that his Movement would embark on building a national authority referred to by the Palestinian people at home and abroad and involving all national forces and trends.

During a ceremony held in Doha to celebrate the victory of Gaza, Mishaal said that there could be no reconciliation while the Palestinian people inside and outside are left without a national authority representing them, adding that the PLO, which Hamas is banned from joining or rebuilding, is impotent and an instrument of division.  

He underlined that Hamas and other Palestinian resistance factions welcome dialog and reconciliation but on the basis of the national constants and not according to foreign agendas.

The Hamas leader said that any invitation for reconciliation would lose its credibility in light of the political arrests, the closure of national institutions and the coordination with the occupation, adding that those who want reconciliation must provide the appropriate climate and show good intentions.

“I say clearly, after the blood of Gaza, the coordination in the West Bank with the enemy, that committed massacres against our people in the Strip, is nationally unacceptable. It is an enemy, not a neighbor or a normal party,” Mishaal highlighted.

He pointed out that the statement which says that Israel withdrew from Gaza in deference to the will of the world is untrue and unjust because the Israeli occupation was aware that the cost of its aggression and invasion would be dearly.
The Hamas leader considered the victory of Gaza as the beginning of the liberation of Palestine, adding that the battle is still going on politically and militarily, and the Palestinian resistance has not yet put down their weapons.

Mishaal outlined a number of urgent issues which, he said, are on the agenda of Hamas for the next stage including the reconstruction file, noting that the criterion of success in this file is that the funds should reach every Palestinian in Gaza not the pockets of corrupt parties.

The Hamas leader declared his rejection of the Israeli ceasefire conditions, confirming that his Movement would not accept the equation of opening the crossings in exchange for Israeli captive soldier Gilad Shalit.

He explained that the release of Shalit could be achieved through the release of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails and the truce equation could be fulfilled through lifting the siege and opening the crossings.