Mishaal calls on Arab and Islamic nation to act urgently to save the Gaza people

Mishaal calls on Arab and Islamic nation to act urgently to save the Gaza people

Khaled Mishaal, the head of Hamas political bureau, Sunday called on the Arab and Islamic nation to move urgently to stop the Israeli aggressions and to break the suffocating siege imposed on the Gaza Strip, highlighting that neither the ongoing assaults nor the siege can break the will of the Palestinian people and force them to waive their inalienable national rights.

In a press statement, Mishaal lashed out at the passive stands of the Arab leaders towards the suffering of the Palestinian people, addressing them saying that if they do not patronize the Palestinian people, God as well as the Arab peoples will not forgive them for forsaking the Palestinian people.

In this context, the Hamas political leader called on Egypt to move and shoulder its responsibilities towards the Gaza people who are now suffering from slow death after Israel closed all crossings with Gaza and prevented the entry of medicines, food and power supplies to the Strip.

In order to strengthen the internal front in the face of Israel”s cruelty, the Hamas leader called on the PA leadership to start a national dialogue to end the state of division in the Palestinian arena.

The Hamas leader also called on King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz, of Saudi Arabia to intervene in order to bridge the gap between Hamas and Fatah.

In a press release to the Quds Press, Mushir Al-Masri, the secretary-general of Hamas parliamentary bloc, appealed to the Arab and Islamic peoples to act urgently to prevent an impending humanitarian catastrophe from happening in Gaza, describing the silence of the Arab and Islamic world towards the suffering of the Palestinian people especially in Gaza as “shameful”.

MP Masri called on the Arab and Islamic regimes to boldly reject the American pressures and to make daring and responsible decisions to break the siege on the Strip through the opening of the Rafah border crossing.

The lawmaker also urged the Arab and Islamic peoples, the free men of the world and Muslim leaders to rise up and go on marches in solidarity with the Palestinian people.