Mishaal explains to Mousa Hamas’s views on dialog

Mishaal explains to Mousa Hamas’s views on dialog

Khaled Mishaal, the supreme leader of the Hamas Movement, on Sunday evening conferred with Arab League secretary general Amr Mousa in Damascus on Palestinian developments especially reasons for suspending the national dialog before it started.

Reliable Palestinian sources in the Syrian capital said that Mousa discussed with Mishaal means of ending the state of discord in the Palestinian arena.

Mohammed Nasr, a member in Hamas”s political bureau, said in a press statement that the two-hour meeting was “constructive, positive and fruitful”.

Nasr said that a delegation of the Hamas Movement accompanied Mishaal in his talks with Mousa including himself and deputy political bureau chairman Dr. Mousa Abu Marzouk while Talal Al-Amin, an aide to Mousa, also attended the meeting.

“We discussed a number of issues topped by Palestinian national conciliation and hurdles before Egyptian efforts in this regard,” he elaborated.

Mousa listened to Hamas”s version and its view regarding the overall situation, Nasr said, adding that the debates covered the siege on Gaza and the Arab League”s role in lifting it.

The discussions tackled the “open war” being waged by PA chief Mahmoud Abbas”s security apparatuses in the West Bank on Hamas and resistance in the West Bank, he said, adding that Hamas asked for an Arab League role in ending this campaign.

Nasr said that the League should treat all Palestinian factions alike and to act as a patron for dialog and not as a judge.

Meanwhile, Ismail Haneyya, the premier of the PA caretaker government in Gaza, said on Monday evening that Egyptian conciliation efforts did not fail but were rather postponed until certain obstacles are removed before starting the dialog.

Haneyya said that Mousa”s moves in this aspect re-assert Arab patronage of the dialog, which was assigned to Egypt at the current stage.

He expressed keenness on initiating the dialog after preparing the necessary atmosphere to ensure its success.