Mishaal meets with Egyptian elites in Cairo

Mishaal meets with Egyptian elites in Cairo

 CAIRO,– Head of Hamas’s political bureau Khaled Mishaal met on Friday with a galaxy of Egyptian noted figures and intellectuals.

It was part of several meetings he intends to have with Egyptian officials and elites from different spectra during his stay in Cairo following the signing of the Palestinian reconciliation deal.

In his speech, Mishaal expressed thanks on behalf of Hamas Movement and the Palestinian people to the Egyptian leadership for the efforts it made for the success of the Palestinian reconciliation.

The Hamas leader stressed the need for Egypt to restore its leading role in the region. "We are ready to cooperate with Egypt strategically and tactically, for one of Egypt’s new responsibilities that we hope is to devise a new strategy for the conflict."

"We are proud of the revolution that has happened in Egypt and reflected on the Palestinian spirit of understanding that led to the reconciliation; we hope to see Egypt recover and restore its role," he added.

Mishaal also talked about the developments and the details related to the reconciliation deal and answered the questions asked by the attendees.

He said that the deal would not have seen daylight without the flexibility that was demonstrated by his Movement, and highlighted the need for complete Palestinian partnership in the political, security, and military decision-making.