Mishaal praises Galloway’s courageous stands

Khaled Mishaal, the political bureau chairman of the Hamas Movement, on Friday night conferred with George Galloway, member of the British House of Commons, on regional issues, a Hamas press release said on Saturday.

Mishaal hailed Galloway’s courageous stands in support of just questions and national liberation movements along with his opposition to American and Zionist imperialism and the aggressions on Palestine, Iraq and Lebanon.

He also praised the British parliamentarian for his daring opposition of the British government’s policy, which fell in harmony with the imperialist American administration’s policy.

For his part, Galloway asserted that he would continue his opposition to all forms of colonization and his backing to all national liberation movements.

He said that his support for the brave resistance in Palestine, Iraq and Lebanon would continue unabated, pointing out that resistance in Lebanon had conquered the Hebrew state and opined that its victory would entail essential and positive changes in the region.