Mizan: Israeli aggression destroyed water networks, put lives of Gazans at risk

Mizan: Israeli aggression destroyed water networks, put lives of Gazans at risk

Al-Mizan center for human rights has asserted that the Israeli war on Gaza Strip destroyed water networks, and mixed potable water with waste water that affected the lives of the 1.5 million Palestinians living there.

According to a report it issued on the adverse repercussions of the brutal war on the water sector in Gaza, the center explained that the water infrastructure in Gaza was completely destroyed by the Israeli aggression.

The report also accused the Israeli occupation authority of deliberately ignoring its obligations to deliver potable water to the Palestinians in the Strip, being the occupation force on the land, and of banning international experts willing to restore the devastated water networks from entering the Strip.

As a result, drinkable water was mixed with sewerage water, putting the lives of the Palestinians at risk, the report explained, adding that at least 11 main water pumps were completely destroyed, in addition to a number of big water reservoirs.

Moreover, the center stressed that Israeli refusal to allow industrial fuel into the Strip causes sharp shortage in electricity which is needed to pump water to high residential buildings, leaving residents of those towers without water.

In this concern, the center urged international human rights institutions and UN agencies to pressure the IOA to open the crossing points and to allow fuel and basic spare parts of water networks into the Strip in order to avoid a looming human catastrophe.