Mizan: Israel’s decision of reducing fuel supplies to Gaza unprecedented

Mizan: Israel’s decision of reducing fuel supplies to Gaza unprecedented

The Gaza-based Mizan l center for human rights has strongly condemned on Friday the Israeli policy of reducing fuel supplies to the besieged Gaza Strip, adding that such policy constitutes flagrant violation of the international law, and that it widely affects the daily life of the 1.5 million Palestinian civilians living in the tiny Strip.

In a press statement it released and a copy of which was obtained by the PIC, the human rights center underlined that the allegation of the Israeli occupation government that it was meeting the minimum fuel needs of the Palestinian people in Gaza Strip breach international laws and conventions that sanctioned the right of the people under occupation to have their basic needs sufficiently met.

The center, in this regard, considered the Israeli decision as a “new invention” that has no leg to stand on in international laws and conventions.

The center called on the international community to break its silence vis-à-vis the Israeli repressive policies, urging human rights institutions all over the world to help end the Gaza siege that took heavy toll on and threatened the lives of the 1.5 million Palestinian individual living there, and put their livelihood at risk.

According to the center, the Israeli reduction of fuel supplies to Gaza Strip forced tens of thousands of Palestinian students not to attend their classes in schools and universities regularly due to the severe lack of transportation means to carry them, adding that long line of vehicles queue at gasoline stations waiting for long hours to get few liters of petrol.

The Israeli occupation government decided to make big cuts in fuel supplies to the densely populated Gaza Strip few months ago, hailing the decision of the Israeli high court that backed the occupation government and sanctioned such repressive policy.