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  • March 22, 2013
  • 3 minutes read

Mohamed Akef is First Chairman of Registered Brotherhood Society

Mohamed Akef is First Chairman of Registered Brotherhood Society

Abdel-Moneim Abdel-Maksoud, Muslim Brotherhood lawyer, affirmed that the group has reconciled its legal status, according to Egypt’s 2013 NGO law (registration number 644 for the year 2013), under the name of the ‘Muslim Brotherhood Group Society’.

"The group did not announce it immediately because technically this would add nothing to its legitimacy. The Brotherhood was established in 1928, in full compliance with the law. Since then, courts issued several final judicial rulings that confirm the legitimacy of the group. The Brotherhood gained a legal status that could not be impugned, stripped off or withdrawn.

"Mohamed Mahdy Akef, the group’s former chairman, is now the first Muslim Brotherhood Society’s chairman. Current leader Dr. Mohamed Badie has nothing to do with the Muslim Brotherhood Society. Accordingly, the group is a legitimate organization exercising its functions and activities, as authorized by law, from its headquarters in Mokattam – Cairo."

In a statement, Abdel-Maksoud said that the release of a report recommending dissolution of the Brotherhood at this time is particularly absurd: "The report was released hours before dubious groups and individuals issued calls to besiege the Muslim Brotherhood and its headquarters, fueling violence against leaders of the group. The timing is doubly peculiar considering that this lawsuit was started in 1992, and was never debated in any sessions of any kind.

"In fact, the court previously declared that there is no Revolutionary Command Council administrative decision to dissolve the Brotherhood. The State Litigation Authority then failed to submit the disbanding decision. Subsequently, the court ruled not to accept the case for lack of an administrative decision."