• November 7, 2014
  • 3 minutes read

Mohamed Hikmat Walid Elected Comptroller-General for Syria Muslim Brotherhood

Mohamed Hikmat Walid Elected Comptroller-General for Syria Muslim Brotherhood

 On Thursday, the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria elected Dr. Mohamed Hikmat Walid Comptroller-General of the group for four years, succeeding Sheikh Mohamed Riad Shaqfa.

The Brotherhood’s Shura Council announced Dr. Mohamed Walid was ahead of Husam Ghadban, his rival for the position, by two votes in the elections that took place Thursday in the city of Istanbul, Turkey.

The Council also elected, unanimously, Husam Ghadban Deputy Comptroller-General. Earlier, the group’s Shura Council elected Sheikh Ali Bayanouni head of the office.

Dr. Walid is currently President of the National Party for Justice and the Constitution. He is expected to submit his resignation soon. Dr. Walid is the 12th Comptroller-General of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria.

Dr. Walid was born in the city of Latakia in 1944. He completed his secondary education in the city of Latakia, then earned a doctorate in human medicine from the University of Damascus in 1968. He, then travelled to Britain to specialize in Ophthalmology, and received a diploma in 1973, then a fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland – Ophthalmology and Eye-Surgery in 1980, then a fellowship of the British College of Ophthalmology in 1990.

He was an assistant professor in the Faculty of Medicine at King Abdul-Aziz University in Jeddah until 1988, then a consultant for eye diseases at Bakhsh Hospital in Jeddah.

The new Comptroller-General also has many literary interests. He has been a member of the International League of Islamic Literature since 1989. Many of his poems and essays have been published in newspapers and magazines such as Al-Muslimoun, Al-Nadwa, and Al-Bayan.