Mohamed Montasser New Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman

Mohamed Montasser New Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman

 Internal development within the Muslim Brotherhood took a positive turn as it sought to maximize revolutionary efforts with the vision that the Revolution is a key strategic path. The group announced the appointment of Mohamed Montasser as the Muslim Brotherhood’s media spokesman.

Montasser is from Egypt’s young revolutionary generation. He was chosen by the Brotherhood in its effort to further focus attention on revolutionary action and youth empowerment, to put through him the group’s official position with regard to all ongoing events, as well as its visions for the current non-violent revolutionary struggle and the mechanisms that could help defeat the fascist military junta.

The Muslim Brotherhood announces that all its internal structures and mechanisms of action are now in a revolutionary mode.

There is no retreat from the revolutionary path. There is no solution to the current crisis, except by ousting the corrupt coup regime and empowering the Revolution and its pulsating heart: Egyptian youth.

The Muslim Brotherhood
Saturday – January 24, 2015