Mohamed Morsi Campaign Press Release (1) – Runoff Presidential Elections

Mohamed Morsi Campaign Press Release (1) – Runoff Presidential Elections

Egypt’s two-day runoff presidential election was launched this morning, with people having to choose between ousted Mubarak’s last prime minister and Dr. Mohamed Morsi.

Until now, the poll has seen a moderate voter turnout. Our delegates were properly accommodated in most polling stations, after minor problems were solved. Many voters are currently lining up outside polling places which opened on time in the vast majority of provinces across Egypt.

This runoff round takes place against a turbulent background of systematic attempts to abort the Egyptian revolution. Hours ago, the revolution received a two-stroke. The first was a court decision throwing out the disenfranchisement law, thus allowing a pillar of the repressive former regime to run for president. The second is aimed at dissolving the first freely and democratically elected parliament in the history of modern Egypt.

The campaign’s legal team denounces the Supreme Presidential Elections Committee (SPEC)’s insistence on withholding Egyptian expats’ runoff election results, although all results from all countries have been collected and sorted, in stark contrast to what SPEC did in the first round of the same presidential elections.

The first indications are that voter turnout has been impacted positively by recent decisions and other actions and events that seem to have motivated people to flock to ballot boxes to save the revolution from its enemies, as analysts predicted yesterday.

Further, our presidential candidate, Dr. Mohamed Morsi, cast his vote this morning, Saturday June 16, at a polling station in a school in his hometown Zagazig – Sharqiya Governorate.

Here are some reports from our delegates and representatives about the ballot so far (10AM local time, 8AM GMT):

• In Cairo: Voters turned up since early morning in long lines outside many polling stations to cast their votes.

• In Ismailia: All voting centers opened on time, except for Banahwa station, in West-Qantara. This did not open until now, because staff, as well as the supervising judge, have not shown up yet.

In Almoassasa School, in polling station number 20, our observers noted names of deceased persons in voters’ lists. For example, Ms. Gazia Sharif Mohamed Salim (number 3193) is known to have died a long while ago.

• In Menoufia: Our representatives reported Police car No. 76024 (Mazda) loaded with electioneering materials, next to a pharmacy, in Ashmoun city.