Mohammed Mahdi Akef: Have faith for there will be a bright tomorrow for the Islamic nation.

Mohammed Mahdi Akef: Have faith for there will be a bright tomorrow for the Islamic nation.

In his weekly statement to the Muslim Brotherhood movement the chairman Mr. Mohammed Mahdi Akef,  affirmed that the tyranny in all its means and colonialism and in all its forms are a means to an end; the end being the opposing of Islam.  The oppression is practiced in the hope of removing any ideology of the Islamic nation being the most powerful nation. The measures performed are aimed to distract the nation from the real awareness of its right to live a free and dignified life in which taking part in reaping its fruits will be denied. 


In his message titled “Peoples awareness of true and false facts”, Akef stated that we must not differentiate between the growing negative awareness among the masses towards the Arab and Islamic countries’ stolen rights and the growing anti-Islamic incitements in Western societies towards Islam and Muslims. He stressed that the deteriorating situation has had a negative impact on the awareness, which has without doubt become a grave threat to humanity as a whole.


“The Media must be held accountable in raising the awareness of the people especially since the media has become increasingly dominant affecting the human minds, he said questioning, “How is it acceptable that a football match could turn into a war between two Arab countries? What logic is it to claim one thing and practice another where some Muslims raise the banner of Islam and sadly forget to practice what they preach concerning the unity towards the Muslim world? He referred to the senseless killings in Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen of one Muslim brother to another while ignoring the necessity of solidarity by providing relief aids to their fellow Muslims who are oppressed in Palestine.


“The Media’s role should be doubled at this   critical stage in which Muslims are targeted by tyrannical regimes internally and by colonialism abroad,” Akef said. He stressed the need to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and the awakening of faith in the heart of every Muslim belonging to this great religion. Akef also emphasized the need to guide people away from adversaries who are waiting for an opportunity to take over the nation’s wealth, ethics and culture. He stressed the significance of reviving the nation’s positive spirit, and the motivating of Muslims’ minds into the legitimate resistance of foreign occupation and brutal regimes.


Mahdi Akef concluded his address to the members of the Muslim Brotherhood saying, “All Muslim Brotherhood members must be aware of the fact that all desired roles, the nobility of any mission and the attaining of sublime goals require persistence and steadfastness.  Work towards righteousness, for Allah will observe your efforts, walk on the beacon of guidance, be patient and rest assured there will be a bright tomorrow for the Islamic nation. Allah Almighty will bestow the land to his pious servants”.