Mohsen Radi: New Constitution Guarantees Freedom of Art

Mohsen Radi: New Constitution Guarantees Freedom of Art

Mohsen Radi, member of the People’s Assembly and member of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)’s National Committee, affirmed that freedoms of the art are a right that will certainly be guaranteed by the forthcoming Constitution and that there will be no restriction of art and creativity.

He pointed that the Muslim Brotherhood presented great works for the stage in the 1980s, especially on Almotahideen Theater in Ramses Street, including the plays Shaklaba (Somersault), Hilm (A Dream), Alharafeesh (Outcasts) and Blood on Kaaba’s Cover, as well as three ‘variety’ concerts.

Speaking to the ‘Life Today’ program on satellite TV channel Al-Hayat, Radi added that the State Security apparatus saw that the Brotherhood were artistically active, and could touch the hearts of people.

"Hence, they closed the theaters on which we offered our art productions, such as Almotahideen Theater, followed by Alhosabir Theater, so as to keep people fearful of the Muslim Brotherhood, and to maintain and entrench the idea that the Brotherhood is only good at preaching.

"The Brotherhood never stopped making and presenting works of art, offering various productions for children, such as dramatic stories of Abdul-Rahman Abu-Zahra, and Nazir Abdul-Gaber, as well as a number of ‘lyric operas’."

Radi further added, "These productions were staged or distributed in many countries around the world. The Brotherhood has some more productions that will be launched soon.

"These productions will complement the Brotherhood’s efforts as it leads endeavors for a comprehensive renaissance, and urges vigor, dialogue, tolerance, a sharpened sense of national belonging, respect for others and acceptance of the others’ opinion."

Furthermore, Radi said: "We held nine meetings in the People’s Assembly, in the presence of a group of theater and art workers, including Khalid Youssef, Isaad Younis and Mohamed Al-Adl, to agree on some points. A document was issued by the People’s Assembly stating that no-one can separate the creative side of production from society’s value system."