Mokhtar holds government responsible for incidents in Hagana farm

Mokhtar holds government responsible for incidents in Hagana farm

Essam Mokhtar, member of the MB Parliamentary bloc, has welcomed the government’s decision to terminate the demolition of Hagana Farm. He considered the decision as a positive measure to alleviate the outrage in the street.

In his statement to the website he held the government responsible for allowing   the contractors to build housing and raise buildings before interfering. He claimed that the government neglected the problems failing to remove the transgressions and irregularities and delaying the destruction and demolition of the high rise buildings after it was built. These buildings cost innocent citizens most of their savings.

Mokhtar commended the police forces which exercised self-controlled in responding to the citizens’ anger and outrage, which resulted in the injury of three officers and 14 soldiers.

The Housing Committee and the Local Administration in the Parliament, called for the referring  of the  executive officials to the General Prosecution for their failure in complying to regulations and decrees in the  construction of many residential buildings in  Hagana Farm. The Committee also called for the demolishing to end   stressing on the importance of the government’s role in examining the slums, adding that it is the Ministry of Housing’s responsibility to issue temporary building permits for citizens.

 Related, a huge number of MPs called for the dismissal of Cairo’s governor, Dr. Abdel Azeem Wazir, and his transfer to the Prosecution for his irresponsibility.

The MPs also reported they witnessed scandalous actions during the demolition of the buildings in Hagana Farm where they saw officials from the Local Administrative Departments holding auctions for citizens reaching LE 10,000 pounds to cancel the demolition decisions.

 MP Ibrahim Abu Auf, member of the MB parliamentary bloc, stressed that
“It seems corruption and bribery proves stronger than the decrees which are issued by the president and the Council of Ministers which are obviously not respected.”

He criticized the Parliament’s approach and division, pointing out the need to have all MPs working together in the best interest of citizens.

 Yousri Al-Bayoumi, member of the MB Parliamentary bloc, stressed that the residents of Hagana Farm were fortunate that the police controlled its forces adding the necessity of the establishment of a ministry for the slums.