• June 2, 2007
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Monem Made It Home

Monem Made It Home

Abdel Monem Mahmoud, MB blogger and Journalist, has arrived to his home in Alexandria less than two hours ago after being released from police custody.

There were concerns earlier about Monem’s safety when he almost disappeared following his release from the Tora Prison in Cairo. Monem supporters feared the State Security Police might have re-arrested him again and would refuse to release him as they often do with political prisoners.

Ikhwanweb congratulates Monem and the rest of the MB detainees who have been released recently for their safe return to their families. We are praying for the freedom of all prisoners of conscience who have been unjustly imprisoned for expressing their views.

Monem is seen in the following pictures smiling while posing for pictures surrounded by a few of his neighbors, wearing a white t-shirt carrying Nike’s logo and slogan “just do it”. Ikhwanweb team is all anxious to have Monem back to tell us about his experience during the past 46 days in detention.

Welcome home Monem. . . freedom for all 


Monem with his friends who came out to greet him

Down with Mubarak! يسقط مبارك

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