Monofiya MBs Released, Amer & Abu Zeid Questioned, Malek’s daughter Subpoenaed

Monofiya MBs Released, Amer & Abu Zeid Questioned, Malek’s daughter Subpoenaed

The Higher State Security Prosecution released, on Saturday at noon, Abul Fattouh Afifi (85 years) the head of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) administrative office in Monofiya and four others and four others. The five were detained last April when the state security forces raided a meeting organized by MPs Rajab Abu Zeid and Sabri Amer in the house of MB leader Fathi Shehab in Shibin Al Kawm, Monoufia Governate, making it a pretext for lifting the immunity of both MPs after the prosecution accused them of belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood group.

The defence team had submitted an appeal against the prosecution”s decision of jailing them without any justification. Monofiya Criminal Court issued a ruling on June, 19th, 2007, of releasing the first group of them, including:
Dr. Mohamed Abdul Aziz Ayyad
Engineer Mohamed Saad Al-Bahr
Eengineer Nagib Abdul Aziz Al-Zarif
Engineer Ahmed Al Hefnawi
Sami Al Shawish
They should have been released as long as that the prosecution did not challenge the appeal, but all detainees were stunned by a new arrest warrant issued on Thursday June, 21st, 2007, and they are still under detention in Torah farm prison .

Meanwhile, another court rejected the appeal submitted by the other detainees whom the prosecution ordered them released on Saturday:

Abul Fattouh Afifi
Engineer Fathi Shehabuddin
Dr. Ashour Al-Halawani
Engineer Mahmoud Abdullah
Ashour Ghanem .

In a related context, the state security prosecution completed its investigation with MPs Abu Zeid and Amer on charges of using the People”s Assembly to propagate for the Muslim Brotherhood group”s ideology. They were released last Thursday fined 10 thousand pounds apiece.

It is worth mentioning that the state security prosecution subpoenaed today Khadiga, daughter of the prominent businessman Hassan Malek who is referred to the military court, to gives her  testimony around how her father”s safe was seized on the night of her father”s arrest, specially after discovering that one million pound in jewels have been stolen from it.