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  • August 23, 2016
  • 3 minutes read

More Anti-Coup Arrests Including Member of Sharqeya Detainees Defense Team

More Anti-Coup Arrests Including Member of Sharqeya Detainees Defense Team
Military junta security forces in Sharqeya arrested three dissidents, who reject the coup, in Derb-Nagm town and nearby villages, including a member of the area’s detainees defense team, after raiding their homes at dawn Monday, within the expanded campaign of arbitrary arrests the coup’s security forces have escalated in the city for the third consecutive day running.

According to eyewitnesses, the expanded arrest-and-detain campaign by coup security forces started in the early hours of Monday morning. Several dissidents’ homes were raided, with junta forces destroying all contents, as horrified children watched helplessly. Abdullah Ibrahim, member of Sharqeya detainees’ defense team; Ashraf Abdul-Hadi, a teacher from the village of Alhoaber; and Adel Abdul-Fattah, from the village of Mena Safour, were arrested and haled off to unknown destinations.

Derb-Nagm Detainees’ Families Association (DDFA) holds the police station’s chief, the head of Shareya’s security directorate, and the coup regime’s Interior Minister fully responsible for the safety of their loved ones. The DDFA also calls on civil society and human rights organizations to intervene to lift the injustice inflicted upon the detainees and to document those crimes which are subject to no statute of limitations.

Junta security forces in Derb-Nagm arrested Sunday an Azhari student and a teacher, after an extensive campaign of raids on many of the homes and workplaces of those suspected of rejecting military rule.

More than 185 detainees – from Derb-Nagm town and surrounding villages – are currently languishing in coup prisons.