More Arab and international MPs join the trip to besieged Gaza Strip

More Arab and international MPs join the trip to besieged Gaza Strip

More Arab and foreign lawmakers have expressed their willingness to join the scheduled trip to the besieged Gaza Strip which the European campaign for lifting the Gaza siege is preparing for.

In press statement he made in the Swiss city of Geneva, co-founder of the campaign and chairman of the Swiss Rights for All society Anwar Al-Gharbi asserted that MPs from Algeria, Kuwait, Yemen, Jordan, Sudan, and other Arab countries have expressed their willingness to join the multi-national parliamentary delegation visiting the Strip.

Lawmakers from Britain, Ireland, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Scotland, in addition to legislators from Asian and Latin American countries had already registered to join the trip.

According to Gharbi, the delegation is considered the biggest international gathering to break the three-year old siege on Gaza Strip, adding that the idea enjoys broad support from Arab and Western parliaments. He also expressed hopes that Egypt would facilitate the visit by opening the Rafah crossing point for the big delegation to pass.

“This visit is humanitarian in nature as we want to take first hand information on the health and education conditions of the 1.5 million Palestinians besieged there”, underscored Gharbi, adding that the visit would help the legislators to report the real situation in the Strip, and to acquaint their respective governments about the human catastrophe looming there if the siege persisted, and to pressure them into rescinding the unjust blockade.

More than 256 Palestinian patients died since the USA and Israel imposed the economic blockade on the densely populated Strip as the Israeli occupation government denied them permits to leave and receive medical treatment abroad.