More arrests in Ismalia among MB supporters

More arrests in Ismalia among MB supporters

Forces arrested 30 additional MB members as the series continue in today’s animosity against the group. Officials ordered the cordoning of the Abul Magd mosque near the municipal’s administration while more than 60 worshippers were still inside the mosque.


More than 2000 MB members from the Ismailia governorate rallied in support of the Palestinians and their fight to defend Al-Aqsa

Mosque condemning the illegitimate measures practiced by the IOF.

Protestors were angry at the passiveness of the Arab and Muslim leaders claiming the silence of the ruling regimes is what encouraged the Israeli entity in also boldly proclaiming the Ibrahimi and Bilal Ibn Rabah Mosques as part of the Jewish heritage.


Among the detainees who were arrested was MB MP Sabri Khalaf Allah who was released once officials knew of his immune identity.