More Cases of Police Brutality in Egypt’s Damietta

Damietta policemen adopt torturing policy, assume absolute power
Revealing torture cases and human rights violations is taking place every day in Egyptian police stations; there are many reports about more torture cases and violations against citizens .
The Egyptian policemen have in fact a full power over the Egyptian people; they detain and torture whoever they want whenever they want.
The following are stories of police brutality against two families from the governorate of Damietta, north of Cairo.
First Case
The first story starts with arresting citizen Fawzi Hassan Zeidan and his son Al Sayed for 17 days in which they were shocked with high-voltage electric batons, beaten with stick and punched in the face while they were totally naked. Also, the police fabricated theft case against one of his sons and the court acquitted him because he was abroad during that date.
The family is stunned everyday by raids of policemen who break doors and furniture; the policemen even ordered the family not to repair the doors and leave them open around the clock so that the officers can enter and get out at any time.
On Tuesday Feb. 27, 2007 the police attacked bakery in which the citizen Fawzi Hassan and his son Al Sayed are working; after beating them, they arrested the son Al Sayed.
Second Case
The second case took place in the village of Saro,  Az Zarqa, Damietta, when Damietta police arrested two citizens, Al Sayed Al Sadat Abul Enein and his son Walid till the younger son, Hossam surrenders to Az Zarqa police station. After the intervention of the Damietta security manager, the detainees were released after 10 days after they were beaten, shocked with electricity and sodomized ( testimonies of torture attached). Fearing the retaliation of officer Mohammed Al Banna, the family asked Ikhwanweb not to publish their tragedy lest he arrests and tortures them and destroy the house. We were obliged to respect their demand.
On Feb., 25, 2007, their house has been raided, its contents were destroyed and the electric devices were taken; Walid and his father were beaten and were ordered to leave their house and their village.
A delegation from Al-Nadeem Centre for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Torture and the Egyptian Association Against Torture met on Feb., 27, 2007, the attorney general and informed him of the police violations; the attorney general transferred the complaint to Az Zarqa chief prosecutor, and phoned him demanding not to harm Hossam’s family. Accordingly, the delegation headed for Az Zarqa chief prosecutor and recorded their testimonies in an official report, in which they listed the charges against the officers, and demanding the prosecution to do its duty of protecting the family and allow it to return safely to their house. The family returned home on the same day after the chief prosecutor promised they won’t face any harassment.
However and as usual, the police gave a deaf ear to top orders; the family’s house was raided again on the same day Feb., 27, 2007 in the evening  and the remaining contents were destroyed and the electric devices were taken, immediately after the members of the delegation left the village at 8.00 PM!.
The officers who accused of committing these violations are:

Police chief: Mohamed Al Banna,
Police chief: Mohamed Sarhan
Police inspector: Mohsen Nagib
Police inspector: Mohamed Al Ashmawi
Associate investigator: Mesbah Al Qasabi
Associate investigator: Mohamed Shalabi

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