More Government Tricks on Judges

Judiciary sources uncovered that the Justice Ministry intends to release funds of Judges Union. In November, the government suspended its subsidies to the union in a punitive procedure to the judges’ challenging attitude when insisted to know the amendments made by the pro-government Higher Judiciary Council to the union-drafted judiciary power bill pertaining to the judiciary independency.
Sources added that Justice Minister, through his assistants, attempts to assure the union that funds will be released before the meeting of their General Assembly on March17th, in order to alleviate the expected fury of judges on that day. The government fears judges will approve procedures to step up their protest.
Mahmud Meky, the vice president of Cassation Court asserted that judges refrain from pressing for such subsidies which are basically their legal right. In fact, its withholding put the union in a real crisis since it has no other resources. The union threatened to launch a donation campaign to cover the resulted financial shortage.
Meky added the union’s board holds constant meetings and contacts with its nationwide affiliations to discuss procedures and mechanisms that will be approved during the upcoming GA meeting. In this respect, the union’s board of directors will meet the Union judges of Zaqaziq City on Friday.