More MBs Detained in Several Governorates

More MBs Detained in Several Governorates

Egyptian security forces continued its crackdown agaist the Muslim Brotherhood affiliates by detaining a number of MB leaders today dawn (Tuesday March 11, 2008) in four governorates.

Names of the MB leaders arrested in Giza today:

1. Dr. Mohamed Saad Eleiwa.
2. Serag Al-Laboody.
3. Adel Afifi.
4. Dr. Gamal Nassar.

Names of MB affiliates arrested in Beheira today:

1. Ahmed Al-Sayyad, office-manager of MP Dr. Ahmed Abu-Baraka.
2. Akram Sha’ban.
3. Mohamed Hamza ‘Annoz.
4. Hassan Abdullah.
5. Hafez Khamees Al-Fergani.

Security forces broke into other 2 MB houses, but the MB affiliates “Gamal Al-Feel, and Hosni Hamed Al-Sheikh” were not home in time of the raid.

Several MB leaders were arrested in Sharqia. The names known till now are:

1. Refaey Al-Banna.
2. Dr. Yahia Gouda Ghoneim.
3. Mohamed Ismail.

Sayed Ibrahim Donia, and Yahia Mohie Al-Qased were arrested in Monufiya governorate during the arrest campaigns today.

Arrest campaigns took place in Assiut governorate as well. Security forces broke into 10 houses seizing computers and personal properties, but failed to detain a number of MB affiliates who were not home during the raids.

Names of the three MB affiliates detained in Assiut:

1. Hamada Ali Al-Sayed.
2. Haitham Salah Ahmed Qayed.
3. Mohamed Ibrahim Mahfouz.

Worth mentioning that “Gamal Gaafar Mohamed” was kidnapped today morning on his way to register in the upcoming elections, and his place of detention is unknown till now.

Meanwhile,  the arrest campaigns are still taking  place in several governorates. However, these are the names of detainees known to Ikhwanweb till that moment.

It is noteworthy that the current crackdown against the MB leaders by the Egyptian authorities comes to handicap the participation of the Muslim Brotherhood in the upcoming elections and prevent them of registering in it.