More NDP Thuggery

Polls in Sohag
Sohag, an Upper Egypt governorate, witnessed many irregularities. In Bandar Sohag constituency, the representative of the Brotherhood’s nominee in polling center of el-Taisir School was put under arrest. In some polling stations, veiled women were prevented from casting votes. In el-Shahed Abdel Monam Rydal School, state security officers harassed female voters threatening them of being detained. A number of Brothers were taken into custody. In polling center no 136, the monitoring judge dismissed all candidates’ representatives and terrorized Brotherhood backers.
In el-Maraga constituency, some polling stations began voting later. Besides, it was said that polling centers located in the village of the Brotherhood’s nominee will be closed at 12am.
In Tama constituency, two Brothers were abducted while walking on street. The voting process in the polling centers no 162 and 163 was very slow. 
In Tahta constituency, thugs backed by a police officer attacked a monitor of Sawasya Center for Human Right. In addition, his camera was confiscated after smashing its film. Furthermore, Brotherhood’s supporters were dismissed from three polling centers.
More NDP Thuggery
In Damita constituency, Maher el-Nanay got a cut in his hand by some thugs, It happened under the watchful eye of policemen. The citizen was admitted to the hospital, as a result. In el-Khaita City, disturbances spread in the wake of some thuggery instances. Moreover, an NGO’s photographer was abducted outside a polling center in Ezbat el-Lahm area.
In el-Daqhlia, the Muslim Brotherhood’s nominee in Dacrans constituency was bodily assaulted by a group of gangsters. In Meet el-Nahal polling center, tear gas and rubbery bullets were fired at the gathering electorate.