More than 300 Muslim Scholars Issue a Statement Forbidding Normalization with ‘Israel’

More than 300 Muslim Scholars Issue a Statement Forbidding Normalization with ‘Israel’

On Monday, more than 300 Muslim scholars met during a conference in Istanbul to sign the "Covenant of the Muslim Scholars" to end the growing wave of normalization with Israel.

The conference’s statement confirmed that “Islamic Sharia bans normalization with Israel because of the dangers it poses to the Palestinian cause and the resistance” 

The Covenant was signed by 300 Muslim Scholars from different countries, including Turkey, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Iraq, Malaysia and Mauritania, calling for an end to normalization with Israel.

The Covenant stated that "normalization with the Zionist entity (Israel) is forbidden according to Sharia, because it contradicts the requirements of faith and its obligations which is based on loyalty to the believers and their mandatory support”

 And that "all attempts to undermine the Palestinian cause through the resettlement of [Palestinian] refugees, or the Judaization of holy sites (especially in occupied Jerusalem) do not establish any legitimacy for the Zionist entity and does not change its description as occupation and aggression."

According to the Covenant, "resistance to normalization stems from the Muslim Ummah’s strategy for the liberation of Palestine, whereas normalization threatens the resistance project, weakens its roots in the hearts of Muslims, and undermine the Palestinian cause."

The Covenant calls on "intellectuals, scientists, scholars, and opinion leaders, individuals and institutions, to form a public opinion in their countries against normalization with the occupation and to call for resistance."