• Torture
  • April 1, 2007
  • 4 minutes read

More Torture Victims In Egypt

More Torture Victims In Egypt

This incident didn’t take place inside a police station as we got used to; it took place inside the house of a torture victim in a Cairo neighborhood, Bashtil near Warraq police station.

Fekri Mohamed Abbas and his wife Hanan Ezzat Mohamed, and their children Mohamed, Rahma and Basant were attacked in their house at the dead of the night by the security forces which tortured them and forced them to take off their clothes and beat their naked bodies.

It all started at 2.30 pm on Wednesday March, 14, 2007, when Fekri Mohamed Abbas, 43 years and a ceramic worker, heard a repeated and loud knocking at his door and then the door was broken by more than 20 policemen of Warraq police station; then they attacked him and handcuffed him from the back; Fekri said that one of the policemen asked him:” where is the piece of cannabis”, “What cannabis?”Fekri asked them. Their only response was to continue beating him brutally on the head and back.

My son Mohamed tried to resist them and asked them to see the prosecution permit but they beat him as well; Kareem, the police chief, said to me:”” I will make you mourn on your son”; then three of them went to my children’s bedroom where my wife, Hanan Ezzat Mohamed and my two daughter were asleep and they closed the door of the bedroom and started beating and torturing my daughters and wife with their batons and shoes.

Rahama Mohamed Fekri, 14 years and a third prep school student, said:” the policemen stormed into our bedroom asking:” Where is the cannabis”; then they began beating me and beating my mother and to increase the torture they tore our clothes and started to beat us while we were naked. Then they took my necklace and took me and my mother to the toilet and one of them, called police corporal Mohamed Gamal, ordered us to urinate.

The wife, Hanan Ezzat Mohamed Hassaan, 40 years, said:” I was with my daughter in the bedroom when three plainclothes policemen entered it and beat me and my daughter and turned the room upside down and they took food from the fridge and threw it on the floor; when I tried to get out with my daughter, they obliged us to remove our clothes and they closed the door; one of them said to my:” I will teach you good manners, bitch”and he beat me with his shoes and batons on the my body and took us to toilet and ordered us to urinate; after that, they took my husbands after handcuffing him from the back to Warraq police station, leaving me and my children in a complete state of collapse.

The medical checks held in Al-Ahram hospital confirms that Hanan Ezzat Mohamed Hassan and her daughter Rahma have bruises and traces of beating on their bodies; Rahma’s medical report show that she has bruises in the right thigh and the right leg and bruises in the thigh, left leg and left foot and scratches in the lower part of the back in addition to bruises in the left arm and a bruise in the right elbow and a bruise in the right hand forefinger

As for the medical report of Rahma, it confirms that she has bruises in the left thigh and leg and bruises in the right thigh.

Fekri Mohamed lodged a complaint to both the Justice Minister and the attorney general in which he narrated the beating and torture incidents against him, his wife and children and he listed the names of the police officers and corporals who beat them; he lodged also a complaint in Al-Haram police station.