Morgantini warns of Zionist scheme to uproot Palestinians

Morgantini warns of Zionist scheme to uproot Palestinians

Luisa Morgantini, the vice president of the European parliament, told a press conference in Ramallah on Wednesday that Israel was planning to uproot Palestinians from their indigenous homeland.

She said that the best proof of such a scheme, which is not announced by the Israeli government, was the Israeli measures taken against Jerusalemites in the holy city.

Morgantini said that the Israeli authorities had refused her entry into Gaza at the head of a delegation, which she saw as a clear evidence of “restrictions imposed on the Palestinians”.

The European official said that the European Union must shoulder its responsibility and should apologize to the Palestinians for not assuming its full responsibility towards them.

She also lashed out at the Israeli policies in the occupied Palestinian lands especially the building of the separation wall and expanding settlements in the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem.