Moroccan MB Elect New Youth Secretary General

Moroccan MB Elect New Youth Secretary General

In the end of the Fourth National Conference for Youth held in Bouznika, Rabat from April 17-19, the Justice and Development Party, or MB in Morocco, elected Mustafa Baba, who won 71% of the votes (309 voters), as Secretary General of the party’s youth.


Baba, who was former Deputy Secretary General of the youth, had surpassed his competitors Khaled Buqar’y and Ahmed El-Hergany who were selected along with Baba by the General Secretariat from among six names proposed by conference participants.  The three others were Mohamed El-Taweel, Edrees Buwanu, and Abdul-Haqq El-Tahiry.


The conference participants representing the different regions and governorates of Morocco approved of Khaled Buqar’y as Deputy Secretary General by absolute majority.


Participants also elected 11 members for the General Secretariat, including two females, from among 15 nominations.


The election of new members took place for the first time while Mohamed El-Tawil turned down his nomination for membership in the National Office amid protests by participants who refused his decision for their knowledge of his qualifications.


Mustafa Baba affirmed that the youth of the Justice and Development “possessed a strategic plan that has launched since 2004 and will continue to 2015 aiming at developing youth’s abilities and making them at the heart of the national political scene.”


Baba further announced that the elected National Office will work on “rephrasing this plan so that it meets the items ratified in the conference by absolute majority which are “the struggle program” and “youth determination.””


The new Secretary General of the National Office for youth further affirmed that the presence of women is strong and effective within the party’s institutions as they represent between 30—40% of the party’s members.


Worthy mentioning is the party’s gain of 46 seats in the Moroccan House of Representatives from among 325.