• June 13, 2009

Morocco’s Shifting Political Landscape Prefaces Elections

Morocco’s Shifting Political Landscape Prefaces Elections

Morocco’s new electoral laws are likely frame women to be the winners in tomorrow’s municipal elections, reports the National. A new quota for women’s seats (12%) makes Morocco the leader in women’s political participation among Arab states. The new law, which increases the current number of 127 councilwomen to over 3,300, has provoked over 20,000 female candidates to seize upon the opening with alacrity.


Changes in Moroccan law, particularly the 2004 family code which granted women equal rights with men, has created a new era for women’s rights and social and political participation. GlobalPost reports that Morocco’s progress on the status of women has inspired feminist reform across the region, particularly in Iraq, Afganistan and Iran.


Despite this progress, Morocco faces a political crisis ahead of tomorrow’s election, as its feeble parliament suffers with the Authenticity and Modernity Party’s (PAM) defection from government in May. The Daily Star reports that the elections could empower PAM to increase its opposition to the stagnant and unpopular government. Independent online contends that these developments in Morocco’s political landscape give the elections potential to relieve Moroccan disenchantment with the system and lay the groundwork for strong parliamentary elections in 2012.


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