• January 13, 2009
  • 4 minutes read

Mors: Israeli Dracula Sows Hatred Between Humans

Mors:  Israeli Dracula Sows Hatred Between Humans

In a statement to Ikhwanweb, Member of the MB Executive Bureau Mohamed Morsi described Israelis as “Draculas” who are always hungry for more killing and bloodshed using all kinds of modern war weapons supplied to them by the American administration.  Morsi added that, in this war, Israelis have failed, unless they consider killing an achievement as he accused them of sowing the seeds of hatred between humans.

Morsi explained that the main aim of Israel”s war against the people of Gaza and resistance was to instill the sense of defeat in the souls of Palestinians which they failed to achieve and rather the opposite happened.  Morsi also affirmed that the war on Gaza has become clear to the whole world as it is not only a war on Gaza, but also on the whole region.

Morsi pointed out that Israelis have been killing Palestinians before the birth of Hamas itself and added that the Palestinian issue has become the topic of discussion in every home and gathering.  Morsi also explained that the ongoing war is one between administrations in which victory has sided with the Palestinian administration.  Morsi also considers the delay in issuing a cease-fire decision an attempt to give Israelis a chance to find a way out of their dilemma.

Morsi further addressed the resistance men in Gaza and urged them to be patient affirming that victory is their ally as he addressed the people saying, “your movement is strong and your support is required.” On the other hand, Morsi warned the American administration and Zionists that they would be defeated as throughout history, resistance had never been defeated.

Morsi also warned the Arab and Islamic regimes that their stances towards the events in Gaza will tarnish history explaining that the situation has revealed the gap between regimes and their people.