Morsi’s Presidential Campaign Kicks Off

Morsi’s Presidential Campaign Kicks Off

Dr. Helmi Gazzar, MP for the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), said that the campaign of Dr. Mohamed Morsi, Chairman of the FJP, has already begun.


Dr. Morsi’s campaign is focused on the Renaissance Project. As the Muslim Brotherhood’s Deputy Chairman Khairat Al-Shater said in no ambiguous language, indeed “we will all work for Renaissance Project, whoever the next president will be”.


In a phone call to the satellite TV channel ‘Al-Mihwar’, Dr. Gazzar said that Al-Shater’s campaign was a prelude to Dr. Mohamed Morsi’s.


Further, Dr. Gazzar affirmed that this has always been the Muslim Brotherhood’s approach with regard to the Renaissance Project.


Earlier, Al-Shater said that if he was taken out of the Presidency race, he would certainly support Dr. Mohamed Morsi and the comprehensive rejuvenation and revival project sponsored by the Muslim Brotherhood.