Morsi, Egypt’s President-Elect, Victory Statement

Morsi, Egypt’s President-Elect, Victory Statement

Dr. Mohamed Morsi’s presidential campaign, announced at dawn, Monday June 18, 2012, that he won the runoff to become President-Elect of the Arab Republic of c. According to results received from our representatives and from count records of all polling sites, signed by presiding judges, the results indicated 13,237,000 votes (thirteen million, two hundred and thirty-seven thousand votes) i.e. 52% for Dr. Morsi.

His rival, General Ahmed Shafiq won 12,338,973 votes (twelve million, three hundred and thirty-eight thousand nine-hundred and seventy-three votes) i.e. 48%. and that of the total number of valid votes of 25,575,973 (twenty five million five hundred and seventy-five thousand nine hundred seventy-three votes).

On this auspicious occasion, President Mohamed Morsi’s Campaign pays special tribute to the martyrs of the January 25 revolution, and to the victims of the revolution, men and women, young and old.

Dr. Morsi pledges to the Egyptian people to be servant of all and to stand at the same distance from all Egyptians, Muslims and Christians, those who gave him their votes and those who did not.

After a press conference, at dawn, Dr. Morsi left the campaign headquarters and headed to Tahrir Square, the Egyptian symbol of the revolution, as soon as he finished a brief address carried by various Egyptian, Arab and international media outlets.