Morsi: Detentions Aim At Preventing MB Gains In Shura Elections

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, the member of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Executive Bureau, attributed the latest detentions to the regime’s ill intention of preventing MB candidates from entering or winning the Shura Council midterm elections.
He advises the regime to allow people to choose those they want in order to improve the deteriorating Egyptian role both domestically and internationally.
The Muslim Brotherhood candidates in the Shura Council midterm elections are facing many violations and security harassments to prevent them from running these elections. The security harassments included sweeps of arrests of about 50 supporters of MB candidates and MB leaders in several governorates.
This confirms the Egyptian regime’s plans to retain the unjustified policy of escalation against the Muslim Brotherhood group that adopts a peaceful change and political participation as a means for reform.
Asked about his comment on the ongoing harassments against MB candidates, Dr. Mohamed Morsi, a member of the group’s Executive Bureau and supervisor of its political section, said:” The government does do any thing to the benefit of people or society. Although the regime declares always that it wants reform and stability, people see a wide gap between speech and deed and see sense of reform or democracy on the ground. The regime prevents citizens from exercising their right of voting and nominating and choosing any one they see as worthy of their trust.
Dr. Mohamed Morsi attributes the latest sweeps of arrests to the regime’s ill intention of preventing the Muslim Brotherhood from addressing the needs of the society. sweeps of arrests are carried out when elections near aiming preventing voters from electing good nominees, blocking improvement in the Egyptian general atmosphere.
Mohamed Morsi added:” We are witnessing instability in the international system including the unjust occupation of Iraq, aggressions and threats in Palestine, and various attempts to maintain a flagrant domination over the political arena. To witness instability inside the country only adds fuel to fire.
“We hear everyday about Egypt’s role towards the Palestinian cause, and its attempts in Iraq and Gulf. What about its domestic role and the conditions of people. Everything is moving from bad to worse. Dictatorship is taking new territories every day.
“The Egyptian regime is actually unable to effectively sole problems in the society, because it is self-centered and preoccupied with its own interests. The regime doesn’t care about people’s issues or freedoms. This definitely leads to a continuous decline in performance.”
Morsi confirmed that, with these sweeps of arrests, the Egyptian regime sends wrong and negative signals about the atmosphere in Egypt, harming national interests.
We, in the Muslim Brotherhood, do not do any thing that may harm our homeland, but definitely we will not remain motionless towards these unjust sweeps of arrests. We will use all constitutional and legal means to confront the tyranny of the current regime.
Morsi pointed out that the Egyptian people can express of their free choice. They have chosen the Muslim Brotherhood more than once, because they elect those who care for their interest and issues.
Morsi said to the Egyptian government:” Why don’t you let people choose the ones who serve them and solve their problems. Why do you use the Egyptian central security members to beat and harm Egyptian citizens?!.

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