Morsi: Escalation Against Muslim Brotherhood Is Proof of Regime’s Failure

Morsi: Escalation Against Muslim Brotherhood Is Proof of Regime’s Failure

Mohamed Morsi (Executive Bureau member and Chairman of the Political Department of the Muslim Brotherhood) said Wednesday that the fierce crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood across the country is proof of the regime’s failure in managing its domestic and international affairs.


The massive wave of detentions against MB members in many governorates is the direct result of the regime’s incapacity on all levels, Morsi said in a statement to Ikhwanweb. The regime suffers a political deadlock. The executive authority and the security apparatus enjoy a tight grip on all state institutions including the judiciary.


“The Shura Council fire was nothing but a reflection of the people’s discontent and despair. The people are also burning because of the failed policies of their government,” Morsi added.


Morsi stated that the regime’s foreign policy is also a failure, since the Egyptian government no longer plays an active role in the region or in the world.


“Despite its total incapacity, the regime seeks to terrorize and intimidate the MB through dawn raids and damaging private properties, to the extent of arresting two children who are 11 and 15 years old,” he added.


Morsi lashed out at the barbaric attitude of state security forces who terrorize children and women by their way of storming houses after midnight and using swear words and violence.


“It is ironic that the charges used by the regime against Muslim Brotherhood detainees are the same evidence used by civilian courts to prove their innocence,” Morsi said. 


“There is not a single example when any of our members was found guilty in a criminal case over the last 60 years. We did not steal the people’s money, we did not manipulate election results, and we did not practice torture in prisons and police stations.”


Morsi reaffirmed the Muslim Brotherhood’s commitment to peaceful reform, constitutional struggle, and non-violent opposition. He also urged civil society organizations to carry out a more positive role in confronting the regime’s failed policies.