Morsi: Freedom and Justice Party to Introduce Bill in Parliament Regulating NGOs

Morsi: Freedom and Justice Party to Introduce Bill in Parliament Regulating NGOs

Welcoming the EU Ambassador in Cairo, Dr. Morsi hailed the depth of relations between the EU and Egypt, expressing hope that such constructive meetings would further bolster the political and economic relations between Egypt and EU countries. He called on the EU to support the democratic transformation in Egypt politically and economically by endorsing investments in the country and encouraging tourism to Egypt, in addition to supporting Egyptian exports to the European markets.

Dr. Morsi and the ambassador discussed Egypt’s political landscape during the current transitional period, after the elections for parliament’s upper and lower Houses, and the forming of the Constituent Assembly tasked to draft the new Constitution. They also discussed the presidential elections, which will be completed by June.

With regards to Egypt’s loans from international organizations such as the International Monetary Fund, the party leader acknowledged the international organization’s role in supporting the economies of developing countries. He emphasized, however, that it was important Egyptian authorities are given maximum opportunity to acquire insightful knowledge of Egypt’s economic resources, which will enable them to deal positively with the fund’s program.

On an international level, Dr. Morsi urged the EU to play an active part in supporting the Palestinian cause and take a decisive stance against the Israeli offensives which are a violation of international conventions. He underscored Egypt’s respect for such accords, stipulating that Israel also must honor the accords by showing commitment to achieving comprehensive and just peace.

Addressing the NGO issue, Dr. Morsi expressed the FJP’s appreciation for civil organization’s efforts in monitoring political and freedom rights in Egypt, underlining the importance of NGO’s respecting the rule of law. He stressed that the party is in the process of introducing a bill in Egyptian parliament to regulate the work of these organizations in line with the law.

For his part, Moran congratulated the FJP on its landslide victories in the parliamentary elections, adding that the EU endeavors to further develop relations with Egypt, especially after the revolution.

Moran reiterated the EU’s commitment to backing the Egypt’s democratization process both politically and economically by encouraging European investments in Egypt, in addition to promoting increased European tourism into Egypt.