Morsi: Hundreds MB Members, Supporters Arrested On Election Day

Egyptian Shura Council midterm elections kicked off today morning. The Egyptian security forces started the elections with detaining and harassing Muslim Brotherhood (MB) candidates and their supporters in the elections.
Dr. Mohamed Morsi, the member of the MB Executive Bureau, said in a statement to ikwhanweb:” More than two hours after polling stations opened doors, the turnout is very weak because the security forces are preventing people from approaching.
However, said Morsi, people still have the chance and much time to go to cast their votes.
Dr. Morsi added that the security forces are exercising many methods to hinder and stop the election process to help National Democratic Party’s (NDP) candidates to win. The Security Forces deny voters access to polling stations to cast their votes.
They also prevent representatives of the MB candidates, and they even seize their legal papers to tear them in some cases” clarified Morsi, adding that  cases of tearing papers must have been committed by some employees in subcommittees, not by judges.”
The Muslim Brotherhood has previously witnessed, during past elections, similar detentions and blatant violations committed by the Egyptian government. However, the government is so much tougher this time.
Other illegal practices committed by the security forces included preventing voters and MB representatives from entering committees.
Dozens of police elements are standing in front of each committee in which MB candidates are running to intimidate voters and to prevent them from entering committees to cast their votes. The government has started from the beginning of the day to rig elections, as rigged ballot cards have been stuffed to prevent Muslim Brotherhood candidates from winning.”
Dr. Morsi added that:” Supporters of MB candidates are reportedly facing detentions and harassments nationwide, more than 150 MB sympathizers have been arrested in Fayoum only during the last few hours, and the number is on the rise.

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