Morsi: Livni Exploits Weakness of Regimes as Resistance Bites

Morsi: Livni Exploits Weakness of Regimes as Resistance Bites

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, member of the Muslim Brotherhood”s Executive Office and chairman of the group”s Political office, said in statements to Ikhwanweb that latest remarks of Zionist Foreign Minister around the Muslim Brotherhood group came after the Palestinian resistance hurt Livni. He said the Zionist Foreign Minister manipulates the state of weakness that Arab regimes experience and makes use of Zionists in some of the world”s capitals to control over some state institutions.

Morsi pointed out that Livni”s statements prove that the popular support to the resistance is important. He labeled as rude and meaningless the remarks that Livni delivered about the Muslim Brotherhood group. He added that the Muslim Brotherhood group- founded in 1928- is a moderate popular Islamic organization that adopts a right understanding of Islam that protects rights of both Muslims and none-Muslims. The Muslim Brotherhood was founded 80 years ago while the Zionist IOF was planted 60 years ago bearing the seeds of its destruction.

Morsi cited expelling Muslims out of Andalusia and the Jews followed them seeking Muslims justice. Therefore the biggest number of Jews is in Arab Maghreb and Turkey, the place of the Islamic caliphate.

Morsi stressed that resistance will continue despite the air strikes that aim to demolish it. History proves that resistance has always triumphed all over the world .


The MB leader attacked the sweeps of detentions, dispersing and blocking demonstrations and even denying popular aid access to Gaza Strip. “The nation will endure all these blows with a hand and will flash a V-sign with the other hand”, he added.