• January 13, 2013
  • 3 minutes read

Morsi: No Egyptian Interference in Neighboring Countries

Morsi: No Egyptian Interference in Neighboring Countries

During a meeting with the Federation of Arab Journalists delegation Thursday evening, President Mohamed Morsi assured that Egypt respects the choices of other Arab countries and does not interfere in the affairs of its neighbors.

"The Arab world can be a successful model for unity and integration, because it has the elements necessary for such integration, including unity of language and culture. Media and the press play a significant role in effecting this integration.

"Post-revolution Egypt is determined to uphold the values of freedom and free press, away from the influence of power and money and interest groups."

Yasser Ali, spokesman for the presidency, said: "President Morsi welcomes all Arab journalists in Egypt, which hosts the headquarters of the Arab Journalists Union".

On the concern for the press regarding prosecutions of some journalists and media workers for insulting the presidency, Ali said: "Prosecution is part of the right to justice. The presidency did not prevent journalists from expressing their opinions. But when it comes to accusing the President of exposing national security to risks or of being an agent of the United States, there certainly is need for judicial scrutiny. Anyone who believes he or she was so incorrectly accused does have that right. President Morsi welcomes constructive criticism. Such prosecutions are about incorrect news, not opinions or thoughts.

"President Morsi stressed that all freedoms are safeguarded in post-revolution Egypt. Everyone writes and speaks as they wish. Indeed, the variety of programs shown on Egypt’s many satellite TV channels and other media reflect the almost unlimited freedom of opinion and expression now exercised in Egypt. Nevertheless, recourse to justice is by no means an infringement on freedom of expression. It is the right of every person or institution to defend themselves against false accusations."

The Presidential spokesman added, "Freedom is accompanied and balanced by responsibility. As media is freed from the influence of power and money and interest groups, its responsibility is even greater. Ultimately, some accusations directed to the presidency must be substantiated with documents and sufficient evidence".