• May 30, 2012
  • 10 minutes read

Morsi: Presidential Institution, Egypt’s New National Charter and New Cabinet are for All Egyptians

Morsi: Presidential Institution, Egypt’s New National Charter and New Cabinet are for All Egyptians

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, the candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) for the presidency, assured that he is well aware of the main concerns of the Egyptian people.

He affirmed that he knows exactly how much injustice all Egyptian people have been through for so long, and that he lived a poor life with his family, and so he is well aware of the conditions suffered by the poor in Egypt.

During a press conference, the first after the announcement of the official result for the first round in the presidential elections, held on Tuesday, Dr. Morsi asserted that the time of the autocratic President is over.

"I pledge that the institution of the presidency will include deputies from outside the Muslim Brotherhood, with decision-making roles, and consultants in all fields from outside the FJP."

He further explained that the presidential plan will be developed by statesmen and presidential advisers, adding that he truly seeks to engage the honorable candidates who were not so fortunate in the first round and who won the confidence of the Egyptian people.

He vowed that there will be a large number of Copts and young people in the presidential institution, stressing that the ruler must not be alone in governing, and that public interests come first and above all else.

"I will endeavor for the new constitution to reflect all hues of Egyptian political and social life. All parties – other than the FJP – who are interested in taking part in the next government are welcome."

Moreover, Morsi stressed that the prime minister does not necessarily have to be from the FJP, but that he will be an independent or a highly qualified national figure.

Furthermore, he explained that FJP lawmakers are re-considering the formation of the Constituent Assembly to write the new national charter, and that they have made great efforts for the optimal panel that should satisfy all parties and political forces. He assured that the issue will be resolved shortly, and that there will be clear criteria agreed to by all members of parliament.

Dr. Morsi said that the Egyptian people, alert and aware, turned out to make their choice and exercise their free will, despite some violations and irregularities that marred the electoral process. He expressed his thanks and gratitude to every Egyptian citizen – those who came out and voted for him as well as those who did not.

He also expressed thanks to all the heads of Egyptian political parties and political forces and stakeholders from all leanings and orientations, as well as all Egyptians who do not belong to any political party, for participating positively in the elections.

Dr. Morsi explained that the presidential candidates who were unsuccessful in the first round are honest and love their country, and that he will work with them for the interests of Egypt.

He affirmed that the media played an important role in the first phase of the elections, calling on media outlets to elevate the professional quality of dialogue for the interests of the country.

Morsi added that everyone wants to express his opinion freely, but that freedom must be coupled with objectivity, for the sake of Egypt’s future and public interest: "All the Egyptian people are in one and the same boat".