Morsi: Radical Right Wing Propaganda Supports Zionist State, Not Nation’s Interests

Morsi:  Radical Right Wing Propaganda Supports Zionist State, Not Nation’s Interests

In his statement to Ikhwanweb, Dr. Mohamed Morsi (Member of the MB Executive Bureau) stressed that the propaganda of the radical right wing Republicans or pro-Zionists serves the interests of Zionists in maintaining their state power adding that if the countries surrounding the Zionist state were developed, truly united, technologically advanced, and adherent to their true religion which rejects violence, the Zionist state would have weakened and lost its value.


Morsi explained that the purpose of this propaganda is to blackmail the American administration which is radical by its nature and biased towards the Zionist state adding that they are playing on the interests of regimes to serve their own interests.  And it is in regimes’ interests that their people remain behind, otherwise they would possess a will of their own and make free choices which may not be in their interests.  Thus, the common target of these blackmailers or Arab regimes, obvious in their behavior which in no way solves any of the region’s problems or supports its development, is the people.


Morsi accused “blackmailers” of making false claims of supporting human rights such as Bush’s promises of establishing the Palestinian state in the year 2008, democratizing Iraq, and eradicating terrorism which have not been fulfilled until today.  Moreover, Morsi denounced talks about one-sided discrimination while excluding the other side in addition to ignoring other sensitive issues. Morsi explained that these parties do not seek the region’s welfare adding that the regimes are aware of this but they are living in their own world, away from people, where their sole concern is to fight for their survival.


Morsi reemphasized that the purpose of this form of blackmailing is to maintain weakness of the region and dominance of the Zionist state which was founded on the basis of expelling the Palestinians from their land. 


Morsi further stressed that the countries of the region are tied by the bonds of language and religion, as well as the geographic area that extends between them without barriers. Morsi also added that the nation has reached an age of maturity in which it has become aware enough to be able to fight for and restore its rights, which the MB continues to strive for in addition to unmasking corruption through its peaceful efforts. 


Concerning the propaganda’s role of inciting animosity against the MB, Morsi stressed that the regimes are already against the MB in spite of their peaceful efforts and continuous contributions as they represent the strongest and most popular faction in the country, hence, posing a threat to their existence which has neither legitimacy nor popular support.