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  • May 15, 2007
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Morsi: Security Harassments Expected Against MB Candidates In Shura Elections

The Muslim Brotherhood group expects more detentions and security harassments ahead of and during the coming Shura Council elections scheduled next June, 11 .
Dr. Mohamed Morsi , a member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Executive Bureau and supervisor of the political section in the group, expects more detentions and security harassments during the coming Shura Council elections scheduled next June, 11 .
Morsi said in a statement to Ikhwanweb that:” The Muslim Brotherhood has decided to filed candidates in the Shura Council elections; its candidates are no more than twenty; the decision of participating in the Shura Council elections  has been taken a long time ago; this decision is still in effect”.
When asked about preparations and number of the MB candidates, Dr. Mohamed Morsi said these issues are decentralized; the governorates file their candidates within the required number and available quotas; the criteria of choosing the candidates depend on who is the most suitable and who can carry out this role. The governorates’ nominations are presented according to a package of organizational rules according to which candidates are picked up. The candidates are officially declared when the door of nominations is opened. The candidates will accordingly submit their papers and start to campaign among people during the period specified for this.
Regarding his expectations about the Shura Council electionsl, Morsi said:” The current tensions in Egypt, in addition to the public disorder and currently tailored laws, like the law of exercising political rights, a direct consequence of the notorious constitutional amendments, and hurdles in front of the opposition movement in general; all these have contributed to creating a tense atmosphere.
Morsi pointed out that the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) has no real roots in the society; its performance and spread among people are so weak; this NDP can’t hold a real and transparent competition with other opposition powers in the society, including Muslim Brotherhood and parties or even independent candidates. Consequently, this NDP resorts, through the NDP-controlled government and current regime, to repressive and security means to block any real movement from rivals and to prevent them from holding the responsibility with others.
Morsi added that the expected harassments and detentions are attributed to the NDP’s weakness, NDP’s use of security services to exercise pressures and to hinder and even exploit the constitution and law to deny some serious candidates their rights to run for the elections; this may include fabricating cases against candidates in a way that may stoke public anger against this authoritarian regime; the elections may be rigged and the will of the people may be forged, specially after canceling the judicial supervision over the elections”.
“This can never be called democracy or freedom.”
Morsi added:” the Egyptian regime seeks to intervene and control even in the candidates’ programs and how they present them. The ruling NDP wants the candidate and his slogan to be in conformity with their whims.  How come?! If I want to say something I try to assure myself whether it is legal or illegal constitutional or unconstitutional; I am not obliged to make sure that it is approved or disapproved by t rival party in the elections.!
“We, the Muslim Brotherhood, believe that Islam as an all-inclusive method and is the most successful and effective means for solving all our problems, well managing available resources, holding top officials accountable and giving people their rights and making them do their duties; this is what we say and explain to people, things which aren’t illegal or unconstitutional; what we say conforms to the second article of the constitution stating that” Islamic Sharia is the main source of legislation. Consequently, when we speak about Islam as a method for steering the ship of life, we are actually explaining an article in the constitution.
Morsi said:” When we speak about people’s will which is supposed to be reflected on the will of the constitution, people are the ones who choose; people have chosen before in 2005 legislative elections; people voted for 88 Muslim Brotherhood candidates who won seats in the People’s Assembly, and the Prime Minister stated that the state controlled security prevented 40 other MB candidates from winning and reaching parliament. This means that the people voted for 13 MB candidates out of 160, three times more than the rate of success of National Democratic part in the elections. This is a clear proof and questionnaire for people’s will; people approve this ideology (of the Muslim Brotherhood) and want this slogan ( Islam He is the solution) which is a comprehensive method, not just a slogan; this slogan has underneath a full program that covers civil affairs, the state and its organization, the relation between the ruler and ruled, the husband and wife and even between the father and children. This program gives down to earth solutions and detailed laws for all people’s needs, Muslims and Copts. This program covers the relation between Muslims and others, and that all people have equal rights.
Morsi confirmed that the Muslim Brotherhood’s ideology and slogan are not conflicting with the articles of the constitution or with any law. He said the Muslim Brotherhood is :” according testimonies of the group itself, the society, justice and all the world is a down to earth, moderate and Islamic method. This method reflects a tolerant moderation and the Sunna of Prophet Mohammed. The Muslim Brotherhood doesn’t invent a religion of its own; this method is for all people inside and outside, rulers and ruled Muslims and non-Muslims and is in harmony with the principle of citizenship in articles one and five, that every citizen has the right to express his thought and views.
The MB leader confirmed that the Muslim Brotherhood’s view to the state is that of a civil state, and that Islam approves a civil state from realistic and Islamic perspective. We do not speak about democracy or theocracy.  The Islamic state is originally a civil state; a civil means that it has a constitution, a legislation and a management according to a clear all-inclusive method that people can follow. This method doesn’t rule according to a divine right that violate people’s freedoms and actions. The government is part of it and freedom is one of its duties. The government and and creed are part of Islam and the all-inclusive method is part of Islam.
Morsi added: “For all this, the ruling regime seeks, in order to retain its authoritarian grip on power and due to its inability to compete, to prevent real peaceful rivals through detentions and sectarian strife. The Muslim Brotherhood is used to face such oppressive actions, and respond with patience and to carry out its message of spreading rightness, balance, objectivity, moderation, and fraternity between Muslims and non-Muslims. This is the true image of Islam that the Muslim Brotherhood is currently spreading.
Asked why most parties are boycotting the coming Shura Council elections, Morsi said:” every party has its own principles and conditions according to which it takes the decision of participating or boycotting. The Muslim Brotherhood has, before taking the decision of participating in the elections, met and discussed and reached this decision.

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