Morsi: The Regime’s Security Is The Drive Behind Its Stick Approach

Morsi:  The Regime’s Security Is The Drive Behind Its Stick Approach

Member of MB Executive Bureau Mohammad Morsi said in his statement to Ikhwanweb that the regime”s political security is its guarantee for survival and the drive behind its using the stick with popular political forces which adopt peaceful approaches and condemn violent acts.


Mosi explained that the regime uses the security stick approach to prevent the movement of popular political forces so that they don”t gain legitimacy more than they already have.  He gave as an example of this approach the prevention of the MB public iftar (Ramadan breakfast) event which the MB has been accustomed to holding annually for 10 years and which brings together the prominent figures of the Egyptian society from the different noble political forces and organizations of civil society.


He described the regime as being unprepared for holding dialogues with anybody especially as they are attempting to arrest members of the movement.  The regime uses security forces in large numbers to prevent the late night prayers in one of the villages as it sees it as representing a threat to its existence, he explained.  He further described its cancelling of the MB public iftar event in addition to MB-held iftar events in other governorates as nothing but an attempt springing from the growing instability and weakness that the regime is suffering.  


However, this behavior with the MB neither provokes nor pressures it to withdraw, and all attest to this, he added.


Morsi pointed out that the regime is living in a state of isolation as it has lost all forms of communication with the society since it is neither able to solve nor deal with its problems with the presence of corruption in its figures and in the midst of a conflict between the wings of the party.  He concluded that all these are factors that lead to the regime”s growing fear from the power of the popular political forces.